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Posted by on Dec 1, 2012 | 11 comments

A Twitter Love Song to My Tweeps (Are You In It?)

Introducing #SocialSong Saturday, because #FF Just Isn’t Enough
As I sit here on Saturday morning after a week glued to Twitter, where I’ve been meeting some terrific, smart, funny people and learning a lot from the content they share, I’m thinking that Follow Friday is so, well, yesterday.  Not only does it fail to fully express my admiration and gratitude, but a simple #FF is no #FFing good at revealing any of the insights that have been shared with me.

Love Has No Shame, on Twitter or Elsewhere
So, casting pride aside, today I begin a weekly song fest dedicated to those who have shared the most useful, interesting or motivating tweets with me this week:

You’re my lead-off Twitter Love mostly because your ultra-simple, just give-em-the-content-and-be-yourself homepage video inspired me to break out my video camera and create #SongSong Saturday.  You also offer a stream of useful content and interesting guest bloggers at SpinSucks

I’d like to say we commiserated in the comment section of your post “When It Gets Real” about how great it is to see our latest best-seller in the bookstores.  Alas, mine is still in the works.  Still, we did discover a common love of the writer’s spirit (that is, well-aged single malt scotch).

Your Tao is what first got me to say “Wow! This guy is good.”   You often manage to slap me up side the head with that Twitter Tough Love, as in your post “This is why I’m not reading or tweeting your blog post,” which cruelly pointed out my deficiencies in the headline arena.  To top it off, you used me as inspiration for another post, “Ten reasons to blog even if nobody reads it.”

OK, this may only qualify as a bromance, but you caught my eye with Poetry Friday, a fresh, almost shaming reminder of why I love words and writing in the first place.   Check out yesterday’s post on Sheamus Heney, and his poem “Digging.”   This week I also came across a previous post on Shel Silverstein that should make any writer want to go out and play with real abandon.   The poems notwithstanding, my favorite insight of this week coming from you was actually this little gem:  Attention is king (finally, somebody recognizes that content is just the delivery boy).  Just one question for you… when is Gerard Manley Hopkins slated to appear?

I lust after your ability to consistently curate and tweet meaningful content,(thankfully including some of mine) as well as create it, as in your post encouraging a little creative risk. You hold the #1 spot in this anglophile’s AngloFile Twitter list (yes, I know you’re a Kiwi, but it’s all about where you live).

I believe I fell in Twitter Love with you when you started promoting #vetsmatter, which got me to run my own raise-money-for-returning-vets-on-Twitter campaign (now concluded, the full amount donated). This week you gave the Devil’s advocate his due in a nifty post that takes Hubspot, and all of us, to task.  And of course, there’s always #hecklershangout to look forward to. We’ll have another less than secret rendezvous there again soon!

I first fell in love with you offline, with your SEO book (you were one of my first teachers; can’t say I’m yet exactly an A, or even a C, student).  But, as an SEO guru, you left yourself open to my crack about being the SEO police when you shared the Inbound Town infographic.  Hopefully everyone will visit your blog to see what a real SEO police force can do.

 Sing Me A Comment or Two
OK, that’s it for the very first installment of #SocialSong Saturday.  Let me know what you think, and feel free to add a couple of verses of your own in the comments section. (BTW, to you think I should have guest songbloggers offering up their own Twitter Love?)


  1. Oh my gosh. This is the best thing ever. Congratulations Chuck for being you, being interesting, being creative and for being GREAT! This is a break-out moment in social media! Thanks for including me!

  2. OMG! THIS IS AWESOME!! You just took Twitter to an entirely new level. Not only do you have talent, you took the time to write a song that incorporated all of us. Really, really amazing.

    P.S. I love the fireplace in the background.

    • Gini,
      Thanks! As I said i the song, you were the inspiration for this “social media music video”. I’ve always admired how you are able, with a very simply produced video, to regularly connect with followers (and prospects) in a way that conveys both meaningful content and genuine personality. I think we need to figure out how to get our clients to get over the “oh-my-gosh-its-gonna-take-too-much-time-and-money” wall of first resistance to content and social media marketing and just get them to start with something. Oh yeah… we also need to provide them with more original ideas (and teach them how to play the guitar.)

      • I 1,000 percent agree! But the guitar playing and singing and songwriting? That’s reserved for a few talented few like you.

        • You are too kind (but I am infamous for singing in meetings…)

  3. Chuck,

    This is amazing – and thank you, thank you, thank you for including me! What a wonderfully creative way of reimagining the #FF tradition, and I’m glad that we’ve connected. :)


    • Jason,
      I’m glad we’ve connected, too, as you’ve helped me reconnect to my passion for poetry. I’ve gone from corresponding with Robert Bly about my one translation of a Pablo Neruda poem (hey, I was 19, and that stuff was HOT) to hardly ever reading poetry at all (I blame it on work/kids/family, etcetera, but that should just be fueling verse, not subverting it). Keep up your good work, and your unique voice within a business that definitely needs to cultivate more uniqueness.

  4. Well done Mr. Kent! I have a smile I can’t shake.

  5. There’s Twitter, there’s YouTube and then there’s Chuck – who leveraged them both to create a wonderful cross platform cross media post.

    Humbled to be among such great inspirational peers Chuck.


    • Thanks, Nick. “Tune in” on Saturday for the next song!


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