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Posted by on Jan 5, 2013 | 0 comments

#SocialSong Saturday No. 5: Who to follow on Twitter

Sometimes #FF just isn’t thanks enough.

Welcome to the second (calendar) year of #SocialSong Saturday, where I once again prove that Twitter love has no pride. 

The objects of affection this week include:

@Steveology  Steve Farnsworth is likely well-known to you for sharing good, detailed knowledge about social media, PR, content marketing and the new world as we attempt to know it. What caught my eye this week was a post featuring a brief video on the role of branding in social media.

 @feldmancreative  Barry Feldman is new to me, and I’m sure he feels like I’m stalking him all of a sudden, what with comments on multiple blog posts, a mention in the Twitter love song and the flowers I’m having delivered today (two out of three of those statements are true). I’m intrigued by his intelligent yet edgy voice, as in a post where he exhibits a logophile’s lust for language and a headline writer’s respect for sensation:  More Intercourse Equals More Social Media Success.

@verkoren  Honestly, Maarten Verkoren’s blog “about humor, health, marketing, video, social media, sports, travel….” (the list goes on) isn’t the kind of content I typically pay attention to as I rush humorlessly through my day. OK, I’m not totally humorless… I got caught by a tweet entitled Ministry of Silly Walks meets the Beatles at Abbey Road.”  I was listening to Abbey Road at the time, and this proved the perfect, don’t-take-yourself-too-seriously compliment to the music. Thanks for the smile, Maarteen.

 @markmaking1995 may be a design-centric firm, but they nailed me with this share about a truly unique way to curate/create sound: the Re:Sound Bottle, which lets you collect sounds , cork them up in the bottle and have them uniquely mixed into a soundtrack. It’s only a prototype, but I love the fresh take on creativity.

 @smxplorer  I’ll start by observing the obvious: with Jason Falls and Nichole Kelly at the helm, Social Media Explorer is a content-rich go-to resource for anyone looking to hone their chops on all things social.  What is less obvious to me is why this Twitter account only has a handful of followers (I assume it’s brand new).  Like all smart social media mavens, they don’t just share their own stuff – I particularly appreciated their tweet of the BrandSavant post on why Facebook ads suck (back to observing the obvious).

 @louhoffman  My excuse for not knowing about Lou Hoffman until very recently is simply that I’m relatively new to Twitter. Lou drew me in with an informative, even inspirational, nod to novelists and what they can teach us as business storytellers.

 @louisgudema Louis Gudema, of  ISITE Design, is the one “long term love” in this Twitter love song (don’t worry, Louis, it’s still just a bromance).  He was the smartest guy in high school, sometimes my debate team partner (when I could keep up)… and the guy who convinced me that I, too, could transition my traditional marketing skills into valuable new world knowledge via the self-education offered on Twitter, et al. He also gave a nice shout out to #SocialSong Saturday last week – thanks Louis.

 @3PercentConf   I am the proud father of two teenage daughters, so I of course fret about what opportunities and obstacles lie ahead for them.  The 3% Conference does more than fret:  it exists to help correct the fact that, as they note in their Twitter profile, “women influence 80% of consumer spending yet only 3% of ad creative directors are women.”  In addition to sponsoring an annual conference, they regularly tweet out messages of information, support and encouragement, like this one I plan to share with my girls: 

 RT ‪@kriscolvin: The ‘Perfect Woman’ In 1912, Elsie Scheel, Was 171 Pounds And Loved Beefsteaks ‪  via ‪@HuffPostWomen 

When you want to know who to follow on Twitter, check in here to see who’s getting the Twitter love.  Thanks for another week of sharing – and please share this, too!



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