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Posted by on Jan 12, 2013 | 0 comments

#SocialSong Saturday No. 6 – Who To Follow on Twitter

#FF is So Yesterday – #SocialSong Saturday helps you find people who know how to do business (and have fun) on Twitter

This Twitter Love song includes an invitation to sing along and possibly appear in an upcoming edition of #SocialSong Saturday – details are at the end of this post.  First, however, I’d like to sing the praises of:

articles on branding@brandingmag Branding Magazine is the brainchild of some very bright ,young next-gen thinkers in Europe.  It features daily stories from contributing authors (yes, such as yours truly) from across Europe and  North America.  My favorite personal contribution to date is the article “2013: The Year Branding Marries Content?”


articles on branding, Don Peppers, Extreme Trust@donpeppersDon Peppers is one of the founders of Peppers & Rogers, a “customer-oriented business strategies firm,” and its publishing offshoot, 1to1Media.  He is also the co-author of several books, most recently “Extreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage,” which I am just now reading (and finding it more than worthwhile).  I first met Don in the comment section of this blog; more recently, he was kind enough to give me a quote for a recent article.  If you have any interest in what it takes to really deliver on a brand promise, Don is someone you should follow.

 best bloggers, top bloggers, Steve Olenski@steveolenski Steve Olenski is a prolific social media and marketing writer, not only for his own blog but also for the likes of and Advertising Age.  He caught my eye this week with his Branding Magazine article on the use of music in advertising – specifically, how Walgreens is putting Credence Clearwater Revival’s old hit “Down on the Corner” to use in their campaign At the corner of happy and healthy.” Anybody who appreciates the power of music is all right by me.

 Jim Dougherty, Leaderswest, Leaders West@leaderswest  In a social media world that often swings between gung-ho, shiny-object booster-ism and sensationalistic doom-saying, Jim Dougherty strikes me as a reasonable and well-reasoned voice.  This week’s example: “Should people quit social media altogether?”  I look forward to following Jim more closely.


articles on branding, brand strategy@contentSTHLM  One aspect of Twitter that I appreciate is the ability to get acquainted with business people from around the world.  Well, I almost get acquainted – in the case of contentSTHLM, the Twitter profile only reveals that he (if one believes the cartoon profile picture) is a content and brand strategist from Stockholm… and a Phillies fan.  That would be off-putting, save for the consistently interesting and sometimes amusing content he shares, such as The Diary of a Content Strategist.

inbound marketing consultant, social media consultant, Ken Mueller@KMueller62  If you’re interested in learning about social media and inbound marketing, there are any number of reasons to follow Ken Mueller, as many more notable than I already do.  My favorite reason to date:  the Weekend Music game, just introduced yesterday.  It’s sort of like being in the Social Media Dorm and hanging out on a Friday afternoon, telling each other about the top five tunes or artists on your playlist.    Stop on by… you can still play.  (BTW, he makes a big deal about working on a porch… well Ken, I’ll see your porch and raise you a Canine Copywriter.)

chicago branding consultants, chicago content creation services, how to use twitter for business

Global HQ for Creative on Call, Summer Office, with Dexter the Canine Copywriter

Tom Pick, B2B marketing consultant, social media marketing consultant@tompick I have been technically following Tom Pick for a while, but it wasn’t until this week – when I decided to see who one of my favorite bloggers closely follows – that I started to delve into Tom more thoroughly.  One early favorite gem told me just how wrong all of my writing is: “17 Tragically Common Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid.”  Thanks, J-P De Clerck, for letting me rummage through your Chat & Watch List and rediscover Tom.

Dan Fietsam, Chief Creative Office, EnergyBBDO@fietstweets Dan Fietsam is Chief Creative Officer of EnergyBBDO, and the only person mentioned today who I have had the pleasure to meet and work with in person (how quaint, I know). While these days Twitter seems mostly used for the over-sharing of others content, Dan uses it sparingly as an actual microblogging platform, a blog I guess you would call #todaysmilliondollaridea.  As a guy who makes his living creating or inspiring others to create “the big idea,” he uses this hashtag to share ideas that, on any given day, may be absurd, insightful, funny… or which may fall flat, depending on that eye-of-the-beholder thing (hey, if you’re going to shoot for the big idea, you can’t worry about missing once in a while).  Refreshingly simple… as I think Twitter was meant to be. Stop by and pick up your million bucks.

 Now about that big idea that Andrew Davis, @TPLDrew, suggested…

Andrew Davis, best books on branding, branding consultantsAndrew, author of Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships, observed that #SocialSong Saturday is its own example of Brandscaping, as with the Twitter Love Song I essentially partner with all of the personal/professional brands above. While interviewing me for an upcoming article, he suggested opening up #SocialSong Saturday for everyone to join in, so that’s what we’re going to try.



Step 1:  Plug in your headphones and play this week’s Twitter Love song

Step 2:   Use your computer’s video camera to record yourself singing along to the chorus (VIDEO 101: please make sure you have enough light on your face… at the end of your singing, please tell me your name and Twitter handle, spelled out, just so we I get it correctly)

Step 3:   Send me your video clip; you can click here to email me a DropBox or USendIt link… or if the clip isn’t too big, you can try to tweet it too me @creativeoncall (I’m sure Twitter will love that; also be aware that your performance will be “out there” for public view should you decide to go that route).  Please do not email me your video clips.  If you do send a clip, be sure to read this first, as those are the terms of use to which you agree by the act of uploading a file.

If I get enough video clips that work, we’ll edit them into a future #SocialSong.  I can guarantee that you’ll be in good company, as Andrew has promised to participate.

Happy #SocialSong Saturday – the most fun you can having finding who to follow on Twitter!

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