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Posted by on Jan 26, 2013 | 11 comments

SocialSong Saturday No. 8 – Who to Follow on Twitter for Business

Top Blogs, Top Social Media Dogs Get the Twitter Love Song Treatment

Welcome to the eighth edition of SocialSong, the more meaningful musical alternative to Facile Friday, er, Follow Friday, and a good place to learn who to follow on Twitter for business (especially if you want to learn about social media and content marketing).

This week the Twitter Love Song goes out to:

CKBurgess@ckburgess   OK, so I’m not exactly discovering an unknown here, but I am encouraging you, along with me, to pay closer attention to just how Cheryl Burgess blogs.  MarketingSherpa named her’s the best Social Media blog of 2012. I generally don’t care for marketing awards, because I come out of traditional advertising, where the awards are plentiful and almost uniformly unrelated to results.  But I admit this one got me to take notice, both of her clear, practical posts. and her incredibly long list of other awards. Color me jealous, but also appreciative.

stellar247@stellar247 I have this odd, almost emotional attachment to Kelly Mirabella. I started listening to her podcast Mastering Social Business when I was making weekly three hour round trips to visit my elderly mom.  Kelly’s fun, upbeat, easy-to-understand banter with co-host Paul Serwin was welcome both as early education and a relief from the heaviness of those sandwich-generation days. Since my mom’s been gone, I’m not on the road as much, so I listen less… but I can heartily recommend the show, and I enjoy following Kelly on Twitter.

nick_westergard@nickwestergard   Face it; I just like people from Iowa (I was born there). I find them to be reasonable, helpful and smart, without an I’m-so-much-smarter-than-you edge.  That’s how Nick Westergard strikes me.  He’s a professor-digital-marketing-maven-podcaster in the Iowa City area, and he caught me with his post “Writing is Selling: Why Content Creation is Worth the Time,” a straightforward pitch for the bottom line benefit of all this word wrangling.  Send it to those recalcitrant clients.

 cspenn@cspenn  Christopher Penn is one of those guys that gets around way too much and will forever make the rest of us look bad: author, speaker, blogger, podcaster (and co-creator of PodCamp with Chris Brogan), professor and martial artist.   He’s also good at sharing, as with a post from CSI (Customer Service Investigator) about how the big brands do, or don’t, respond to tweets.

 Michael_brenner@brennermichael  Michael Brenner would be even more well known to all if he simply put his name at the end of every B2Community post (he co-founded the community).  He’s also a big-time marketer (SAP), blogger (B2BMKTGInsider) and, from the looks of his Twitter background pic, a devoted Dad (I’m always a sucker for a kindred spirit in that department). He’s at a level where people pay attention when he publishes a list, like his tally of top B2B influencers (companies and individuals).

ann-handley-marketingprofs@marketingprofs The ubiquitous Ann Handley finally got me to cough up some dough and go PRO with Marketing Profs. It’s actually all the fault of that damn @jasonkonopinski, who tweeted about his dependence on it for his own continuing education. Jason-wannabe that I am, I obviously had no choice but to sign up. It still remains to be seen if I will routinely schedule the requisite learning time to make my investment worthwhile, or if MarketingProfs will (through on fault of its own) be simply my latest social media gym membership… intended to get me in shape, but ultimately wasted.

SMC_Knoxville@smcknox  If I understand correctly, Social Media Club of Knoxville is the hosting organization, along with Mark Schaefer, of Social Slam, an annual, up-close-and-personal social media conference in Knoxville, Tennessee.  I will be a first-time attendee this year, and am eager to rub SM elbows (ooh, sorry.. that sounds a trifle untoward, doesn’t it?) with  many of the folks I follow on Twitter.

shelly_kramer@shellykramer  Shelly Kramer is an influential blogger based on, of course, her content.  But here’s my superficial confession:  I just like her profile picture. Somehow, it exudes that combination of friendliness and seriousness that a) make me want to trust her and b) fancy that she could be a professional friend. Or maybe she’s a jerk… but I doubt it.  She consistently tweets, and blogs, about interesting things of value. What more can I ask? The latest example that captured my attention: “What CEOs Think of Social Media”

That’s it for this week.  Just a reminder that I’m hoping to get a few of you to join in the Social Song Sing-along, as so ably demonstrated last week by Andrew Davis.

“It’s not enough that I follow you/I want our Twitter love to be true…”


  1. Wow, Kent. Thanks so much. It is truly an honor to be listed here with some of my role models!

    • Michael, I appreciate all the good content you create, facilitate and share!

  2. Chuck this is awesome. A great way to keep us informed…and entertained. You’ve still got those golden tonsils!

    • Thanks… and you had to suffer through me singing in more than one meeting. Are you on Twitter?

  3. I have a Twitter account (brucreative), but I barely ever use it. I know, I know…I’m a dinosaur.

    • Get with it, man, get with it. How else am I ever going to feature you on #SocialSong Saturday?

      • Okay, you’ve inspired me. I’m going to make that my next goal.

        • Try “The Tao of Twitter,” by Mark Schaefer, a good, short, practical intro to using it for business. (I did a review of it: )

  4. Chuck,

    Somehow I totally missed this Social Song Saturday that mentioned me – and when I saw your feature this morning on the 3% Conference it led me back here. I so appreciate your kind words here — never mind the awesome song. And the company that I’m included with, to a person all people whose work (and gray matter) I really like and admire. I’m honored beyond measure.

    Thank you. And thanks for all you do.


    • Well, glad you finally got to see and hear it! One of these days we’ll get to meet up IRL.

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